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Spark Ops Metalwork aims to serve as your comprehensive solution for metal fabrication, delivering precise and swift services for projects of any size.

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Maria Perl, the esteemed owner of Spark Ops Metalworks, embarked on her professional journey as a Medical Doctor in Cuba, bringing in a wealth of experience and expertise to her current role. Originating from Mexico, Maria's distinguished background in medicine profoundly shapes the ethos of Spark Ops Metalworks, guiding the company's dedication to precision, quality, innovation, and the delivery of cutting-edge solutions, consistently outperforming deadlines in the field of fabrication.

In her position as the Owner of Spark Ops Metalworks, Maria lead a team devoted to delivering accuracy and creativity in metal fabrication. With her leadership, the company has executed successful projects across various industries, such as Entertainment, Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, and Construction.

Maria's ability to seamlessly blend expertise in medicine with her entrepreneurial spirit has propelled Spark Ops Metalworks to new heights. Her strategic vision, coupled with exceptional decision-making, diagnostic, and examination skills, ensures that Spark Ops Metalworks not only stays at the forefront of the industry but also sets new standards in metal fabrication.

"We have boundless ideas and a drive for trying new things. Why do we spark-cutting edge opportunities? Why not? But hey, we're still everyday, hard-working Wisconsinites. We just happen to provide larger-than-life metal fabrication innovations."

Women Business Enterprise

Certification Number WI-12427
At the forefront of metal fabrication, Spark Ops Metalworks proudly leads a women-owned business, embodying excellence and innovation.

Minority Business Enterprise

As a business led by minorities, Spark Ops Metalworks advocates for diversity in all aspects. We are committed to nurturing an inclusive atmosphere where each voice is respected, cultivating a workplace enriched by diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

ISO 9001:2015

Certification Number US4767
At Spark Ops Metalworks, quality, and precision are our pride. With adherence to ISO 9001 certification standards, our metal fabrication shop guarantees that each product achieves the highest benchmarks for excellence, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

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We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where every voice is valued, creating a workplace that thrives on varied perspectives and backgrounds.

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Our team is a family with talent and certified skills to make sure quality is never questioned.

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