ABC TV1 Elections Studio

Expanding the normal truss structure norms with custom laser cut truss blocks.


Filmwerks, DSS


January 16, 2024


Laser Cutting, Bending, Welding

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Our project

We are proud of our work and would like to share our project

Spark Ops had the liberty of creating a whole component list of custom truss blocks to make this unique temporary studio build happen in NYC!

This structure build in Studio 1 at ABC News was a build just for the 2020 Elections. It took 2 weeks to build, and only 4 days to tear down and load out. Spark Ops took care of fabricating any custom components to create some of the odd angles and curved structures on this project.

We also fabricated and rolled a large steel box tubing to create a 30' wide curved LED wall! The accuracy needed to fabricate any part of large led walls puts Spark Ops quality to the test, and passed with flying colors.

Thank you Filmwerks and ABC for letting us be a part of this awesome project.

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